Text optimisation in Danish and English

Granted, text optimisation is very much about linguistic quality in each and every sentence, but a lot of texts, like marketing material and website content, require much more than correct spelling and accurate punctuation. You need to speak the language of your target group and be familiar with the cultural context as well as the possibilities (or limitations) of the media and platform at hand.

I listen to what you tell me about the target group, context and media, and then I tap into the target audience to deliver good, quality texts that work.

How much optimisation is needed?

A little unsure about how much work is required – not to worry! Simply send me the text in question, and I will get back to you quickly with my assessment completely free of charge.

Below, I include a few descriptions of traditional proofreading, review and post-editing. Maybe your assignment is somewhere in between.


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Want more time to attend to your core business? Leave your linguistic tasks to me. I can help with translation between English and Danish and text optimisation of e.g. web content or your entire website if you need it.



I exterminate errors through simple correction of grammar, punctuation, typos, spelling errors, etc.


Good old-fashioned proofreading and beyond. I look at terminology, style, tone and structure to ensure that the text is suited to the target audience and the medium.


Proofreading of already translated text. I check the translation against the original, correcting any errors, and I edit it as needed to appeal to the reader.

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