Translation from English into Danish and vice versa

So, you have a text to be translated into Danish or English, but who is going to read it, and what media or platform is it destined for? These are some of the questions that I always ask before I begin translating. The better I understand how the text is to be used, the easier it will be to deliver the right message in the right tone, style and words.

What do I translate?

With Danish as my mother tongue, fluency in English and close to 15 years' professional experience, the list of topics I have covered is comprehensive: licensing of medicines, clinical trial regulation, pharmacovigilance (side effects/adverse reactions), drug consumer statistics as well as financial subjects like securities trading, stock market statistics and financial reporting.

I equally enjoy translating legal documents and email correspondence, but I particularly like translating texts with a more creative edge like website content or campaign material.

So please don't hesitate to contact me with texts along the lines of:

• Web content – as well as entire websites (I also consider popular search terms)

• Marketing material – e.g. brochures, flyers and business cards

• Reports – e.g. annual reports and consumer analyses

• Legal texts – e.g. contracts and legislation

• Policies – e.g. staff policies

• Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

• Job postings

• Resumes and applications


Maybe you have an entirely different text before you. If you are unsure whether your text is within my expertise, contact me by telephone or email, and we'll sort it out right away.


T +45 2073 2744




Høgholtvej 6, 2.

2720 Vanløse


I have translated professionally since early 2000 and have several thousand translated pages behind me. In sporting terms, I'd be a marathon runner, picking up speed for every page :-)

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